Abigail Sterling Silver Earrings

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SImple, Elegant, Versatile

'Hmm, what earrings should I wear with this outfit?' you think to yourself looking into your bathroom mirror. The questions asked every day all over the world.

You are looking gorgeous in your new outfit you carefully selected for this occasion and now all you need is that perfect accessory to complete your look.

Simple and Elegant will always carry the day. Our "Abigail" Sterling Silver earrings certainly fit the bill.

Versatile so they can be worn for special occasions:

  • Sophisticated enough to shine as a guest at a wedding, without throwing shade on the bride.
  • Enthral with your class when out on a date with your special someone.
  • Smart enough for mixing with your work collegues on your next after hours work function.


  • Lightweight so your ears don't ache at the end of the occassion.
  • Anti-allergenic Nickel free posts for peace of mind 
  • Sterling silver to ensure that these elegant accessories last for many years.

Because these simple, elegant earrings are so versatile you can be assured that you will get value for money when you add them to your 'go to' collection.