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Akshita Earrings

Collie Anne

Akshita Earrings


Do you love to stand out from the crowd through your creative talents?

Many of us have the desire to stand out from the crowd. Not always in a loud and gregarious manner, but through our uniqueness and originality. We appreciate people who notice the nuances of our creativity in our work and how we dress.

The name 'Akshita' harks from the the Indian name meaning "Immortal". The name relates to people who have a creative personality. These people often have great success in the creative professions or are creatively expressive, either through painting, drawing or music. Some of the more successful people have gained 'immortality' through their creativeness.

Our 'Akshita' earrings are sure to add that unique creativeness to your outfit. Whether it be for a special occasion or for a regular day at the office. 

The sterling silver and 14k yellow gold plating will last a long time with proper care.

Long hooks provide peace of mind knowing that the earrings will remain securely in your ears.

The unique design and our limited availability of the 'Akshita' earrings means that it is unlikely to see someone else wearing the same earrings at your next function.

Add these beautiful, uniquely expressive sterling silver and 14k gold earrings to your 'go to' jewellery collection now.

Very limited availabilty. Don't miss out.