Savannah Earrings - Rhodium

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Stand out in the office with class and poise

Even though it is important for you to stay visible in the workplace, you don’t have to be the squeaky wheel to get noticed. After all you are in a professional environment and certain codes of behaviour are expected.

Besides standing out for the hard work and dedication to your job, standing out with class in poise is sure to help you be considered for advancement and promotion.

These cabachon style glass pearl earrings will add that understated touch of class to your work outfit whilst also being perfect for the after hours work functions

  • Be noticed for your class and poise over your fellow workers.

  • Be considered ahead of your colleagues for advancement and promotion.

  • Class and poise in the workplace

  • Anti-Allergenic Nickel Free Hooks
  • Classic cabachon style earrings
  • Rhodium Plating / Cream Coloured Pearl

Limited numbers of these classically styled earrings available, don’t miss out.