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'Aurora' Italian Linen Dress
'Aurora' Italian Linen Dress
'Aurora' Italian Linen Dress
'Aurora' Italian Linen Dress
'Aurora' Italian Linen Dress

Italian Fashion

'Aurora' Italian Linen Dress


Look stylish and remain cool in this beautiful “Aurora” Italian linen dress during those hot Australian summer days. 

Our Italian linen dresses would also be perfect for travelling in hot climates like southern Europe or Asia.

Available in two colours: Denim blue and Khaki.

The great thing about linen clothing is that the fabric “breathes’ and allows air to flow around the body, keeping you cool. The properties of linen fabrics allow it billow in the breeze and be less likely to cling to the skin. As the fabric billows in the breeze it allows any moisture absorbed by the linen to evaporate and keep you cool.

So that we can offer a wider range of beautiful italian fashion styles only purchase very limited numbers each and colour to make sure you get the item want soon.

Free shipping for Australian domestic customers!

Features deep pockets on either side of the dress.

Sizing: Universal size

Fabric: 100% Italian Linen

Necklace: See our Edge Collection